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We are working for you before you even knock on our door

Whether your company is large, small, young or old, if you’re looking to fill a management position, you will want to do it as quickly, as efficiently and as painlessly as possible. And you will want to do it with a specialist in human capital that has a broad regional footprint and an in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the relevant industry sectors.

At Slate, we know how.

We will tune in to your needs and focus directly on how to deliver the results you need. We can do this because of our methodologies and our processes. We pride ourselves on being able to say that we are working for you before you even knock on our door so that we can hit the ground running.

Our experienced Practice Group Leaders have the expertise to be able to quickly identify and deliver the kind of professional you are looking for; we don’t just call people up and ask them if they want a job. We have top-line professionals with solid industry insight to consult with candidates, explore their options, help map out career paths and nurture the people they work with. We then introduce them where we think they will achieve the greatest success. Success for them means success for you and success for us.

We pride ourselves on providing a supreme level of service

The Slate finance team is comprised of highly trained consultants seeking to extend their boundaries in order to fully understand the challenges facing professionals from the financial world so they can maximize their ability to advise clients in an increasingly sophisticated environment.

The Slate financial services team is able to work with a diverse range of businesses’ from small startup firms trying to enter the Asia Pacific & Japan market to well established enterprises’ and recognizes the changing needs of companies in today’s fast-paced global business environment.

We pride ourselves on providing a supreme level of service to our clients include tier one Asset Managers, Investment Banks, Life Insurance companies, and top-notch Private Equity Funds. The Finance team has focused on forging strong relationships with the very best firms and people within the finance industry and we have successfully filled roles from analyst to MD level within our areas of expertise, including; Coverage/M&A/DCM/ECM/, Private Equity, Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Commercial Banking, Back/Middle Office including compliance.

We deliver because we understand

Slate is known for its track record of working with multinational companies to determine the appropriate scope of skills and experience to expertly fill finance and accounting roles in a timely manner.

As one of Asia Pacific & Japan’s leading placement firms for the finance and accounting profession, we deliver on-spec candidates from CFO to Accountant level. We deliver because we understand.

Philippine Recruitment

Slate Global Human Capital, supporting most industries and backed with years of international experience, specializes in the recruitment and placement of executives in the Philippines. Our scope is broad, our application is detailed and personalized. We are meticulous in our efforts to ensure that clients and candidates receive the attention, care and professionalism they expect from a market leader in the human capital field.

Our mission is to be the foremost brand in the Philippines at providing human capital solutions and making both clients and candidates glad they discovered us. Slate strives to be at the cutting edge of innovation in the human capital industry and our finite systems and processes will have helped to establish us as trend setters in the field.